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Monday, July 09, 2012

One more dictionary I came across recently: this one, entitled Pitman's dictionary of commercial correspondence in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian from 1917. 1917 is fairly new as far as full-length books go on, which makes the differences in orthography between this book and now less great than what you normally find there. has quite a few technical dictionaries in multiple languages from around this time period, with hundreds and hundreds of pages of names for acids, barrels, chemical reactions and so on, but this one is useful in a non-technical sense as well.

Some of the entries (Spanish and Russian I didn't bother to put in):

F de premier ordre
I di primo ordine
P de primeira ordem
G ersten Ranges, erster Klasse, hochfein

to abandon
F abandonner
I abbandonare
P abandonar
G aufgeben, preisgeben

to abandon a business
F abandonner (cesser, quitter, discontinuer) les affaires, cesser le commerce
I abbandonare gli affari, il comercio, cessare il commercio
P abandonar (cessar) os negocios
G ein Geschäft aufgeben

abandon (waive, give up) a claim
F renoncer à (abandonner) une prétention, se désister d'une prétention
I rinunziare ad una pretesa
P renunciar uma pretensão
G eine Forderung aufgeben, auf eine Forderung verzichten

abandon (give up) goods to the insurer (underwriter)
F abandonner (délaisser, faire abandon de) la marchandise à l'assureur
I abbandonare (far l'abbandono delle) merci all'assicuratore
P abandonar, fazer abandono, deixar ao segurador
G die Ware dem Versicherer abtreten (überlassen)

to abandon (relinquish) hope
F perdre l'espérance, renoncer à toute espérance
I perder la speranza
P perder a esperança
G die Hoffnung aufgeben

to abandon a plan
F abandonner un plan, projet
I abbandonare un progetto
P abandonar (desistir de) um projeto
G einen Plan aufgeben

to abandon a right
F abandonner (renoncer à) un droit, se désister d'un droit
I abbandonare (desistere da) um diritto
P abandonar (desistir de) um direito
G ein Recht aufgeben, auf ein Recht verzichten

Various usages of the words abandon and abandonment continue on for a great many entries, showing how useful this could be in expanding the vocabulary of an IAL such as Mondial or Occidental.


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