Lusophone investment in Inner Mongolia thanks to the Macau Forum

Friday, July 20, 2012

This article in Portuguese today is interesting not because of the amount of prospective trade between Lusophone countries and Inner Mongolia but the fact that it is happening thanks to Macau, showing an area where trade will be able to occur thanks to the presence of Macau that certainly not would have been as easy, or even possible, without it.
Interior Mongolia and the Forum for Economic Cooperation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Macau) are exploring types of cooperation between Lusophone companies and the Chinese region, according to Chinese media today.

Interior Mongolia was the scene of an "introductory conference" between 13 and 15 July to establish and reinforce commercial relations with Portuguese-speaking countries, which make up the Macau Forum.

"This is the first time that many representatives of Portuguese-speaking countries have come to Inner Mongolia. They discovered that Inner Mongolia has high-quality products, and also agricultural products of high quality. This is also an area in which Inner Mongolia can cooperate with Portuguese-speaking countries" said Rita Santos, deputy secretary general of the Macau Forum to CRI.


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