Guy gets dream job thanks to learning Italian, China and Portugal, end of the Forum mondial de la langue francaise

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Three things to note today:

- This thread on Lingq (a language learning site with a language program / method that costs money, though more around the ChinesePod cost than Rosetta Stone) by a user there who is starting a new job thanks to learning Italian for a few years. You'll notice that most people that get jobs related to the language they love get them as a combination of two things: one professional skill (programming, project management, aviation, whatever) on top of the language skill. Simply knowing a language doesn't usually lead to employers knocking at one's door.

- This article in Portuguese on the Chinese - Portuguese relationship, how much Portugal needs Chinese capital, whether Portugal will become an entry point for Chinese influence in Europe, etc.

- The Forum mondial de la langue française is now over. This one took place in Quebec, and the next one will take place in Kinshasa. The forum obviously wants to promote French as more than just a European language, and since the majority of French speakers are in Africa (though not the majority of the online population, that's the problem) it makes sense to have the second one there. Europe would be fine for the third one...though I suspect from intuition alone that somewhere like Switzerland or Belgium or Luxembourg would be chosen over France. After all, if the first two places chosen emphasize that French is not simply a European language, any first European location would probably be chosen to emphasize that it is also not a language just spoken in the country named after it.


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