First Forum mondial de la langue francaise now taking place in Quebec

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The first Forum mondial de la langue française is now taking place (it goes from 2 to 6 July) in Quebec City. Protesters interrupting the speeches of Stephen Harper and Jean Charest during the opening has made some news, but what is actually going on during the forum is more interesting. Wikipedia for example has some representation there from a few countries, and some of the possible topics they were discussing were:

Sujets possibles :

Wikisource is one of the easiest ways to participate in improving French content on the web, since it is just typing out what one sees in scanned images of old documents, or checking what someone else has typed for errors. It doesn't require any knowledge of page formatting (as Wiktionary often does), or any specialized knowledge or ability to write in an encyclopedic style (as Wikipedia does).

Most of the other events and talks there seem to be more or less what one would expect: talks on linguistic diversity, economic value of French, multilingualism, orthography, etc. Let me know if anything else stands out that should be mentioned.


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