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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

--- Let's start with the transit of Venus, since that takes place tomorrow. The best place to see exactly how it will look from your location is here. I won't be spending any time trying to see it from where I am though as the transit itself will be well recorded and studied by others, and my interest lies in learning more about the Venusian atmosphere through this. Last time a transit occurred was in 2004, when Venus Express still hadn't been launched. Venus Express and some other spacecraft will be coordinating observations this time around.

--- The entire Bible has now been translated into Inuktitut after 20 years of work, which is particularly good news for the language or anyone who wants to learn it. Apparently there will still be some errors but they should be ironed out for the next printing after being used in churches where mistakes will be easy to spot:

The Society is calling the initial printing – 5,000 copies (at $19.95 each) and another 100 in leather – an interim edition, because, says Mr. Wiens, “I’m sure we will find errors.”
There is little of interest in the comments section of the article, just the same two sides engaging in a campaign to destroy the position of the other.

--- A Catholic college called Redeemer Pacific has begun issuing diplomas in Latin.

--- Vivarium Novum is offering ten full tuition scholarships for a program taught entirely in Latin and Greek, according to an email I just got from them. The announcement is as follows:

Announcement of Competition
Latin, Greek and Humanities at the Academy Vivarium Novum in Rome – Italy
Academic year 2012-2013

The Academy Vivarium Novum is offering ten full tuition scholarships for high school students of the European Union (16-18 years old) and ten full tuition scholarships  for University students (18-24 years old) of any part of the world. The scholarships will cover all of the costs of room, board, teaching and didactic materials for courses to be held from October 8, 2012 until June 15, 2013 on the grounds of the Academy’s campus at Rome.
Application letters must be sent to by June 30th in order to receive consideration.
A good knowledge of the fundamental of Latin and Greek is required.
The courses will be as follows:
  1. Latin language (fundamental and advanced)
  2. Greek language (fundamental and advanced)
  3. Latin composition
  4. Roman History
  5. Ancient Latin literature
  6. History of ancient Philosophy
  7. Renaissance and Neo-Latin literature
  8. Latin and Greek music and poetry
  9. Classics reading seminars
The goal is to achieve a perfect command of both Latin and Greek through a total immersion in the two languages. All the classes will be conducted in Latin, except for Greek classes which will be conducted in Greek.

In the letter the prospective student should indicate the following:

1. Full name;

2. Date and location of birth;

3. What school you currently attend;
4. How long you have studied Latin and/or Greek;

5. Which authors and works you have read;

6. Other studies and primary interests outside of school.

In addition, please attach a recent passport/ID photograph.

(For more information about the Academy, you may visit the website

This is actually pretty much the same wording they used last year, but then the scholarship was for four students.


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