Equatorial Guinea's fate in the CPLP to be decided on the 20th of July

Thursday, June 14, 2012

From here in Portuguese:

The decision on the entrance of Equatorial Guinea in the Lusophone community will be taken at the summit in Maputo (Mozambique), 20 July.

One of the justifications for the petition by the movement called "Por Uma Comunidade de Valores" (For a Community of Values) against the entry of Equatorial Guinea into the CPLP (Comunidade dos Países de Língua Portuguese, Community of Portuguese Language Countries) is that the president of Equatorial Guinea is imposing the language on his country.

The executive director of the Instituto Internacional de Língua Portugesa (IILP), Gilvan de Oliveira, said that he respects the position of the civic movement, but noted that Equatorial Guinea is fulfilling, to the letter, a set of requirements imposed by the CPLP.
Also from another article:
The group denounces the crimes of the regime of Obiang, including summary executions, endemic corruption and constant oppression of civil society. "Equatorial Guinea currently has the largest average per capita income in all sub-Saharan Africa (with numbers similar to that of Italy). However, this apparently positive indicatory, mainly due to the petroleum resources of the country, is not enough to hide the fact that over 70% of the population of the country (about 650,000 inhabitants) lives under the standards of extreme poverty as defined by the UN (less than two dollars per day).

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