Chinese investment in Portugal, Chinese radio in Portugal

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

From here and here in Portuguese.

From article 1 (which actually takes place one day before the trip to Macau I referenced here):

The businessman Edmund Ho (note: also former Chief Executive of Macau) is in Portugal until tomorrow with an entourage of three dozen Chinese and Macanese entrepreneurs from the sectors of agriculture, environment and water, with the objective of promoting economic relations between the two countries.

This mission takes place one month after the entry of China Three Gorges in EDP (Energias de Portugal), with the acquisition of a public shareholding of 21.35%, and two weeks after the Chinese company State Grid accomplished the purchase of 15% of REN - Redes Energéticas Nacionais (National Energy Networks).
From article 2:
Radio Iris (91.4) in Lisbon began transmitting programs produced by China Radio International (CRI) beginning yesterday, 8 June. This is the 75th non-Chinese radio station to transmit CRI programs, and also the first Portuguese-language FM station to do so.
It then mentions that the new cooperation would be good for Portuguese people to know more about China and vice versa, but not really worth writing here word for word. There are a few pictures in that second article though of the opening ceremony, attended by the president of CRI.


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