Most popular second foreign languages in Thailand: Chinese, Japanese, Korean

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

From here in Korean. English is not mentioned here but that is naturally the assumed first choice.

A study has shown that students in Thailand most prefer to learn Chinese, Japanese and Korean as their second foreign languages.

 The Thailand committee on basic education took a look at 700 schools, and found that 300,000 students were learning Chinese as their second foreign language. Students learning Japanese numbered 40,000, and Korean was about 12,000. Top-of-the-line schools historically preferred to choose French as the second foreign language for students to learn, but recently Asian languages have displaced it.
As I mention here from time to time, Chinese's first challenge as an international language is to appeal to China's closest neighbors. I wouldn't say that Korea is wowed by the country just yet, but it is developing a healthy respect for the language as an academic necessity. I've seen a few articles on that recently, and may reference one in the near future.


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