Goethe Institute in Tunisia to train Tunisian engineers etc. in German to B1 level

Saturday, May 05, 2012

From here and some other areas (here, here, etc.). I think this program is free (because otherwise it would just be a regular intensive course), though not 100% certain. I also assume that the six-month learning term and two-year project duration means four groups of people will be given the opportunity to learn German at the institute.

Following a needs analysis made by companies based in Tunisia, the Goethe Institute is offering an opportunity to learn the German language to the B1 level in a 6-month intensive course to people with specialized skills (engineers, financial managers, logistic specialists, etc.) to improve their opportunities for employment.

The project is called "The German language, a gateway to employment" and is initiated by the institute in close collaboration with the Tunisian-German Chamber of Commerce...classes begin at the beginnig of June at 15 hours per week in Tunis for a period of six months...the total volume of the project is 8 million euros, and the duration is two years.


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