Overseas Chinese Affairs Office to bring 100,000 youths to China for summer camps over five years

Monday, April 30, 2012

That's from an article here (French version of CRI), one that almost was not interesting enough to mention except for the part at the end which is fairly interesting: one of the easiest targets in teaching a country's language are people of the same ethnic origin, and China seems to be working hard at this.

The Chinese government will promote the teaching of the Chinese language abroad to better satisfy the growing interest in China and its language, said Li Haifeng (director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office) on Monday.

The office will further cooperate with foreign authorities in education in order to make Chinese one of the main languages in their educational curricula, he said.

It has trained about 17,000 teachers since 2010 to teach the language abroad, and helped more than 270 schools and organizations to improve their teaching conditions.

During the next five years, the office will invite 100,000 young people of Chinese origin to participate in their summer and winter cams in order to "connect with their roots". Such camps have already attracted over 40,000 Chinese youths overseas since 2010, he said.


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