Korean remake of Who's on First: 1루수가 누구야?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

This video (embedding has been disabled by request) is one that I certainly never expected to see: a Korean version of the classic Abbott and Costello routine Who's on First?. Not only that, but this is not in standard Korean either but the dialect in the southeast - Gyeongsangnam-do, or Busan (Busan is the second-largest city in the country). This dialect is kind of like the Kansai-ben of Korea in that Kansai-ben is spoken in the second-largest city in Japan and seen on TV a lot, so it is understandable by pretty much anyone and anyone can try to fake an accent, though those actually from the area will find it awkward. The one used in the video is not too hard to understand though, certainly not as tough as something you might find on Gag Concert (개콘) or somewhere else.

Watching the video it is just as funny as the original. Very well done.

The guy on the left is the one that knows the names and is confusing the other one on the right. The names are:

1루수 = 누구
2루수 = 뭐
3루수 = 몰라

So the first baseman is who, the second is what, the third is don't know.


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