Bulgarian, Afrikaans and Armenia, Portuguese and German

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Three things to share that touch on all these languages and countries.

First Bulgarian. Here's a Bulgarian folk song that is easy to follow. Lots of it (from my limited Bulgarian) seems archaic, like хи for и (actually should have an ` over it) meaning her. It also seems to be west of the yat border with немаше instead of нямаше.

Afrikaans and Armenia: the front page article on the Afrikaans Wikipedia is Armenia (Armenië), and as is often the case on the Afrikaans Wikipedia it is very detailed.

Portuguese and German: some more information on the popularity of German in Portugal here:

According to data from the Goethe-Institut, the profile of students of German has been changing in recent month. The increase of male students was about 50% and there are more students learning German for professional reasons. This increase has been observed especially in introductory courses. In the winter semester which just ended there was an increase of about 22%, while in the same period of time one year before (2010/2011) the increase was just 4%.


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