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Monday, March 05, 2012

Today I received an email from the owner of this blog, entitled Bien Chabacano. I had recently written a post on the language, the first in quite some time. It turns out that the owner of the site is a native speaker of the language. The site is not a formal course in the language but rather random posts about certain aspects of it.

This post for example is about how instead of the ¡Dios mío! for the exclamation Oh my God!, the expression in Chabacano is Señor! Like this:

Señor, tiene ladron na otro lao casa.

My God, the house on the other side is being robbed.

*literally there's a burglar at the house on the other side

Señor, bueno ya lang ya llega ya tu.

My God, it's a good thing that you have already arrived.


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