Macau to train professionals from Angola

Friday, March 09, 2012

Here's another article in Portuguese on China's wise use of Macau as a gateway to the Lusophone world, Angola in particular.

Angolan technicians in the sector of hotels and tourism will participate in a program of technical-professional training organized by the Macau Forum. The information was released yesterday in Beijing by the Secretary-General of the forum, Chang Hexi.

The movement of Angolan technicians to Macau is the result of a support program destined for Portuguese-language countries and driven by Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao...The program contains human resources training and the promotion of commercial and economic investment, on the basis of a relationship between rommercial agents, associations and companies from both countries. At the end of this month, according to Chang Hexi, a fund estimated at a billion dollars will be announced by the Chinese central government. The line of credit will be designed to support Chinese companies that work in Portuguese-speaking countries.


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