Link roundup for 16 March 2012

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Here are my most interesting open tabs at the moment.

--- I'm not sure if I mentioned this one before, but even if I did it deserves another mention - a long, long page about sleep patterns in the British isles before the Industrial Revolution. Most notable is the existence of a "second sleep", which used to be the norm: a first sleep after sunset, then an hour or two of wakefulness in the middle of the night, and then a second sleep. The page has a total of 181 results for the term dream.

--- An article here in the New York Times on what having a Korean son-in-law means to parents in Vietnam. Korea is right on the verge of having its first grown-up generation of half-Korean half-Vietnamese citizens, who mostly live in the southwest part of the country but certainly will begin to move to Seoul and other large cities to attend university, work, etc.

--- An interview with a native Esperanto speaker.

--- New York Times again, in an article on the nightlife of Curaçao. Papiamentu and Curaçao's general cultural and ethnic mix is mentioned there.

--- Evidence builds that meditation strengthens the brain.

--- An article on which languages are studied in Oklahoma. It comes with a helpful graph, according to which the following languages are studied the most: Spanish (54.96%), French (14.17%), Italian (7.05%), German (7.02%), Chinese (4.79%), Japanese (4.74%), Arabic (3.89%), Russian (2.53%), Hebrew (0.85%). Strangely, Native American languages count as anthropology so they are not ranked.


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