No surprise: Koreans most want to learn English, Chinese, Japanese

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some info from an article here in Korean on foreign languages Koreans want to learn. Having Chinese in second place is no longer a surprise, but almost doubling Japanese in percentage of interested respondents may be. Spanish comes in surprisingly low.


A survey done on 2050 families of university students and 958 working people in Korea on the languages they most wanted to study revealed the following:

"Are you currently studying a foreign language?" -- 46.6% responded yes, 32.8% responded "I plan to", 20.6% said no.

To the question "which foreign language do you want to study?" the responses were English (49.6%), Chinese (21.7%), Japanese (12.4%), French (3.5%), German (2.8%), Spanish (1.8%).

To the question "why do you most want to study a language?" the responses were personal development (44.6%), career and advantages (23.4%), workplace demands it (13.7%), for a promotion (6.9%), to read research papers and documents in original languages (2.6%), traveling abroad (1.9%).


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