L'Etranger (Is Gospoti) has now been translated into Sambahsa

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Today Olivier Simon has finished the translation of L'Étranger by Albert Camus into Sambahsa. L'Étranger is probably one of the best novels to read for a French student given its short sentences and extensive use of the passé composé, and this makes the Sambahsa translation just as useful for learning the language:

Ho emt id autobus ye dwo saat. Id weter eet chald. Ho mejen in Célestesrestaurant, kam adet. Quanti spruv maung aytan dia me ed Céleste mi hat sayct :“Hams tik ein mater.” Quando ho abgwahn, me hant hamrahn tiel id dwer. Eemlyt sturdiht ob ho tohrben stighes do Emmanuels hem kay laune ud iom unswordo cravat ed un brachar. Is hat lusen sien oncle, oik munts pre.

The complete translation is here:

Is Gospoti (l'Étranger in Sambahsa)

By the way, I am also on the verge (maybe three weeks away) of finishing a translation I have been working on for about five months. The translation itself is completed, but now there is some proofreading and formatting to do. This translation is not into an IAL, however. I'll write more on it when everything is completed.


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