Latvian referendum on Russian as an official language took place today

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The referendum that took place today is why I repeatedly extended the deadline for my own personal poll on the same issue. It looks like so far the results are 75% opposed, with 93% of the votes counted.

A few sites before the referendum surmised that Russian could become an official language of the EU if it were to pass. Allow me to mention again my mostly silly idea to make it happen: 1) make Kaliningrad an independent state, 2) fund it to the teeth and help it to meet EU entry requirements as quickly as it can, 3) watch the tiny country join and see Russian become an official language. This will never happen, but it is fun to imagine.

Edit: in related news, looks like Latvijas Radio has redesigned its webpage, which means I'll have to look around for the articles with audio and matching text again. There are a lot more audio buttons on other articles now, but they are expanded versions of the short text summaries, and aren't all that helpful for the language learner.


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