Romania now 19th member of European Space Agency, will launch microsatellite next month

Friday, January 20, 2012

I didn't notice this last month but Romania is now the 19th member of the European Space Agency.

Following promulgation of the law on ratification of Romania to the ESA, Romania officially became the 19th member state on 22 December 2011. It is the second former socialist country after Czech Republic to do so. The leadership of the Romanian Space Agency (ROSA) will respond to questions from the press on the significance and important provisions of the agreement.

The launch of the Romanian microsatellite GOLIAT will happen with first flight on the European Vega rocket, and is planned for 9 February 2012. The satellite will be integlated with 7 other satellites at the ESA space centre in French Guiana.

How much does Romania pay into the ESA? This pdf should tell us:

La nivelul anului 2011, contribuţia financiară a României în calitate de stat membru este de 5.7 mil Euro reprezentând participarea entităţilor din România la programele obligatorii ale ESA, la care se adaugă plata specială de aderare în valoare de 3.6 mil.

5.7 million euro.


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