Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie to help Vietnamese diplomats with French

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From here in French:

The OIF to assist Vietnam in the training of its diplomats in French

Vietnam shares with OIF (Organisation internationale de la Francophonie) the objective of promotion and usage of the French language on the international stage, as part of their commitment to cultural diversity and plurilingualism in the world. To approach this objective, Vietnam hopes to strengthen the linguistic capabilities of its diplomats and officials in charge of international affairs.

Mr. Clement Duhaime (Administrator of OIF) confirmed the commitment of the OIF while meeting Luong Minh (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs) in Hanoi, through its program "French in diplomacy and public service".

The budget and duration of this project will be specified in a common agreement between OIF and Vietnam. The program is implemented for Francophone member countries of the OIF where French is not the official language, as well as multilateral organizations. The enlargement of this program to Vietnam would be a first in the Asia-Pacific region.

The OIF has 56 state and government members, and 19 observer countries. Among them, four member countries (Cambodia, Laos, Vanuatu, Vietnam) and one observer state (Thailand) are in the Asia-Pacific region.


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