Huffington Post soon to be available in French and Spanish

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lots of articles on this subject since yesterday: here in Spanish, here in English, many more here and there. A French version was announced previously and will be available soon, and the Spanish version will be in cooperation with El Pais, so this will be largely centered on European Spanish news, not so much Latin America (though that is planned as well). Huffington Post Quebec is also in the works after the soon-to-be-available European French version.

I don't particularly like the Huffington Post (one example here), because it epitomizes the worst qualities of the so-called left in the United States: its total failure to realize that American presidents really have very little power without the House and the Senate as well, its endless striving for perfection and quick rejection of a president who isn't able to change the country in a year or two, and its quick abandonment in the mid-term elections when the inevitable disappointment happens. In other words, its tendency to want a savior, and to fail to realize that there are no one-man shows or quick fixes in American politics.

On the whole, however, I'm mostly ambivalent about it. It is nice to see such an influential paper expanding into other languages, however. I also see that there are a great number of potential freelance translation jobs, so interested readers might want to consider looking into that.


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