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Monday, December 19, 2011

I feel that it's time I gave Evan1965 on YouTube another mention. Evan1965 is the name of an account by a guy who is a huge proponent of the revival of Latin, but also a French major who knows a good deal about other languages as well and has been churning out a lot of videos besides the main Latinum set he began with.

The French course (or rather, formal literary French) is quite interesting as there is no textbook, or at least not in the beginning. The student is supposed to make a crease in paper to divide it into two, and then listen and follow along by writing the French on one side and English on the other, and this over time becomes the textbook. Directly writing it out like that makes it impossible to skip over anything.

Here is a video explaining that:

And let's go with lesson 15 for an example of the course in action.

He mentions that he is not a French native speaker, but it doesn't matter here: his pronunciation is certainly good enough, he is working through a textbook that someone else has already made, and his teaching style is very clear. In other words, anyone who decides to learn French through these lessons (once they are all finished) will end up just as good at the language as anyone taught by a native speaker using the same text, which in the end is all that matters.


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