Portuguese continues to be an important language for education in Extremadura

Thursday, November 24, 2011

From here in Spanish:
The Ministry of Education and Culture will continue to develop the teaching and learning of Portuguese as a defining element of education in Extremadura...The Ministry will take effective measures to make sure that Portuguese is the second foreign language taught in schools funded by public money.

The first Portuguese bilingual area has been adopted this year at i.e.s. Francisco Vera school, in Alconchel. In addition there are some thirty primary schools and twenty secondary schools that teach Portuguese as a second language, and 14 secondary schools that teach it as a third language.

The Portuguese Language and Culture Program relies on an agreement with the Ministry that allows Portuguese to be studied in 31 centres in Extremadura, near La Raya.

Extremadura is the only autonomous region in Spain that has implemented Portuguese in its nine official schools of languages, and has the second largest number of students in these centres. In total, 1,892 students enrolled in these this school year.


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