October 17 to 21 is the week of the Italian language

Monday, October 17, 2011

If you do a search for lingua italiana on Google News in Italian now you'll see a lot of articles on the week of the Italian language in various locations throughout the world. The theme for this year is quite easy: 150 years since Italian unification. Some examples of the events taking place:

This article on events in Montreal - mostly films, some talks.

This article on events in Bratislava (Slovakia) - the main event here seems to be a concert by Cecilia Bartoli.

This one on Georgia - two lectures, a dramatic reading, a film and an exhibition. Mostly in Tbilisi.

This one is by far the most detailed, with a short explanation of what will be taking place in each city mentioned. While detailed, it's obviously not the complete list as it doesn't have any of the cities from the above articles.


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