The first Afrikaans - Dutch dictionary released (a few months ago)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Something else I found from a few months back (May 2011) while doing a search through the archives of Beeld:

Why is there a need for such a bilingual dictionary? First, because the two languages have so much in common, but not everyone is aware of where and when they share similarities and this needs to be shown again.

Secondly because Afrikaans and Dutch differ from each other in many ways, and users from both languages don't always know where these differences are. These differences take place in words and idioms, but also in use. For example, the word "kar" in Afrikaans is very neutral, but in Dutch it is a very informal term.

There are now so many translations between Dutch and Afrikaans that translators have a need for such a dictionary.


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