Equatorial Guinea makes Portuguese its third official language

Saturday, October 15, 2011

From here:

The National Assembly of Equatorial Guinea approved Portuguese as the third official language of the country, a necessary step for the government to join the Community of Portuguese Language Countries. The bill was approved by 99 of 100 deputies, the lone exception being Plácido Micó, the secretary general and deputy of the party Convergency for Social Democracy (Convergência para a Social-Democracia, CPSD). Nseng Esono said to deputies that the bill to recognize Portuguese as an official language was "a political decision that is justified by the cultural and strategic ties that Equatorial Guinea has with Portuguese language countries."

If you're getting the feeling that you've heard something like this before, it's because there's been a bit of confusion over the past few years over whether Portuguese is already the official language of the country or not. It seems that the CPLP hasn't really recognized Equatorial Guinea as a Portuguese language country yet, and...well, Wikipedia has a good rundown of the issue.


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