Chinese language more and more popular in Norway

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I think this is the school...
This article from regional NRK news is shy on numbers but references a general trend towards choosing Chinese as a second foreign language after English. It's based in Trondheim and features Sverresborg Secondary School students. In that school this is the third year that Chinese has been an option, and students have to choose a second language after English, usually French, German, Spanish, and also Chinese. The article is kind of random and not exactly the kind of style I enjoy reading through and writing about, but it's a fairly interesting snapshot of increased Chinese interest in a local area in a country quite far from China.

Some interviews with the students, skipping that...right after an interview with one we have "he is one of about 200 Norwegian secondary that have chosen Chinese as their second foreign language, and there are more and more according to the foreign language centre in Halden. Students from every city have in three years taken the bus to Sverresborg Secondary School to learn Chinese, but now the school is able to fill classes with its own students. This is why there are only 10th graders from other schools that travel to Sverresborg to learn the language this year. "We are very pleasantly surprised that so many are interested in learning Chinese. We see an increase from year to year", says Rector Bernt Aune."

After that unsatisfying article I think I'll try to find some clear nationwide information to show exactly how much interest there is in Chinese there compared to X number of years ago.


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