Audio New Testament now in Bislama

Saturday, October 01, 2011

I mentioned a few weeks back that there is exciting news soon to come for Latin: the entire New Testament will soon be recorded and put online for free in Latin, a very big step in the revival of Latin as a spoken language. There is some other good news for rare languages though: Bislama has also recently been added. Bislama is an English creole spoken in Vanuatu, very similar to Tok Pisin, and also my favourite English creole. It's like a slightly terser version of Tok Pisin with a tad of French influence, and extremely hard to find good material for. Even now for example the Bislama Wikipedia has just 381 articles, and finding text with matching pretty much impossible. The best course material I've been able to find for free has been a Peace Corps textbook that I printed out a few years ago. The Bible also happens to be the longest book published in the entire language, and with matching audio the language has turned from one that is nearly impossible to learn to fluency online into one that is now doable. Still a very limited subject area, but nevertheless much, much easier to learn than before.

This link for example leads to Matthew chapter 5 - click on the play button to hear the matching audio and enjoy listening to and reading Bislama at the same time for what is probably your first time.

Other languages I like in particular that were added this time around: Kazakh and Uyghur. Kazakh I'm particularly pleased about.

Latin is supposed to come out this month (October), so stay tuned!


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