Spoken New Testament in Latin to be available as soon as next month

Friday, September 02, 2011

This is probably one of the biggest stories for Latin's revival this year: the site Faith Comes by Hearing that I often talk about for its excellent dramatic recordings of the New Testament in a huge number of otherwise difficult to find languages (Afrikaans, Ossetian, Kalmyk, etc.) has been working with a full 180 Latin speakers (correction: 180 characters, voiced by 15 speakers) to record the dramatic version of the New Testament, which will be available around October. The dramatic version is one of two versions they have, the latter being just a recorded version by one or two speakers, and the dramatic version is by far the more interesting. To be able to record that version one needs a large number of speakers: one person is the narrator, one is Jesus, another is an old woman that wants to be healed, another is a Roman centurion, and so on. This gives more exposure to a variety of types of speech and also removes a lot of the monotony.

What the article doesn't mention though is what kind of Latin. Catholic priests were heavily involved in this so that would suggest ecclesiastical pronunciation, but then again the setting is the Roman Empire and most Latin revivalists use the classical pronunciation, so who really knows. We'll find out soon.


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