Oh, so Slovenians did record the Bible.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

I've written a few times on how hard it is to find text with matching audio for Slovene/Slovenian, after looking high and low and failing to find anything of any great length: Youtube has some songs from Tangled but they are fairly short, tvslo.si has a lot of videos but no matching text, and so on. I always check biblical sites as well as these are the most likely to have such content, but wasn't able to find anything on this site besides text.

But it turns out that this is wrong - I simply selected the wrong translation. SSP-3 (the default translation) has just text, but select SSP and voila, out pops an audio icon and now you can listen to each and every chapter as well as read it.

For example, here is Ecclesiastes.


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