Moldovans with Romanian passports: 30,000

Thursday, August 04, 2011

An article here on Romania and the Schengen Zone has two numbers that are worth remembering:

According to unofficial statistics, around 30,000 Moldovans have gained Romanian passports since 2000. This is just the start: according Romania's President Traian Basescu, as many as one million Moldovan nationals have begun the process of gaining Romanian citizenship, a process eased and accelerated since 2009 by a change in Romanian policy.

Not sure about the source of these 'unofficial statistics', but 30,000 sounds about right. This will be an interesting number to watch as Moldova doesn't seem to be moving anywhere towards EU membership or a union with Romania, which will keep the possibility of obtaining a Romanian passport an attractive one.

The total population of Moldova is 3.6 million, making 30,000 almost one in a hundred.


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