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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Actually I'll start with Sambahsa. Olivier would like us to know that he has translated Le Petit Prince from French into Sambahsa, and you can see it on Scribd here. It begins with:
Ad Léon Werth

Beudo pardon im magven ob dedievs tod buk uni balirh. Ho un serieus excuse : so balirh est is sellst prient ho tienxia. Ho alyum excuse : so balirh ghehdt prete quant, hatta buks pro magvens. Ho un trit excuse : so balirh weict in France quer is paytt ob hungher ed srigos. Is want husur. Sei quant ta excuses ne sont kafi, io accepte dedie tod buk ei magvi qui so balirh buit prevst. Vasyi balirhs buir magvi prever (bet pauks ex i mehme to). Corrego ghi mien dedication :

Ad Léon Werth
quan is eet un lytil pwarn.
It's a total of 48 pages. Having the Little Prince translated is a bit of a milestone for an auxlang, one of the first mid-sized texts one expects to see. Ido has a good translation of it, Interlingua an awful one.

And now to space:

I read this today and my heart skipped a beat. I forgot that Juno, the next mission to Jupiter, is slated to launch in just a few days. Launches for big missions like this always make me nervous. Dawn and Kepler have probably been the most nerve-wracking.

Looks like WISE has discovered a Trojan asteroid, one that orbits the Lagrange point leading Earth. This is the first one ever. The reason why they are so hard to spot is easy: they are located in an area where the glare from the sun is always present.

And finally, the first big Dawn press conference is slated for the 1st of August, which is a Monday. I hope they release at least one more image before that. The most recent one is from the 22nd. Dawn is still technically in the approach phase but even with just the framing camera it has obtained some excellent images and they will be showing the first full-frame images during the conference.


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