A few Slovenian Disney videos with subtitles

Monday, July 11, 2011

On the subject of Slavic languages, I found a few Disney videos in Slovenian / Slovene on YouTube a few days ago. The movie is a recent one called Tangled that I hadn't seen before, so after watching a few of the songs in Slovenian I watched the movie itself since such songs are much more enjoyable when you know the context.

One of them has been subtitled in the video itself:

while the rest of them have the lyrics in the video explanation so you have to go directly to the page to see them. Written Slovenian and Slovenian videos without text (at tvslo.si) are easy to find, videos with matching text not so much. Nothing on Librivox for example, no spoken Wikipedia, no religious texts with mp3 that I can find. Slovenian is about as tough to find as Estonian.


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