Schools teaching Chinese in Germany have tripled over the past five years

Monday, June 06, 2011

That comes from an article in German here, which unfortunately doesn't provide a source for that statement. Then again, a tripling over five years wouldn't be surprising, especially with a language like Chinese that has traditionally been very unrepresented. Usually when we're talking about a doubling or tripling of students learning Chinese it will mean something like growth from 3% of schools teaching it to 9% or some other relatively small number.

The number of schools in Germany where students learn Chinese has tripled in just the past five years. The growing significance of the Chinese economy, already now the second-largest in the world, has caused the attractiveness of the language to grow. The massive country could soon replace the US as the strongest economy in the world and with that be a very interesting option for finding jobs after graduation.

The next paragraph mentions that the writing system is very complex, but on the other hand the grammar is very simple compared to most European languages, and so students aren't completely intimidated by it.


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