Vote Compass / Boussole électorale results now online - see how political views vary by region in Canada

Saturday, May 07, 2011

This site apparently has been carrying out a nationwide survey asking Canadians what they believe about issues such as Canadian troops in Afghanistan, taxes, environment, and so on. The French edition is here, and is easy to understand so choose that if you are studying it. The maps really do make clear just how different Quebec is from the rest of the country, and with a few exceptions the maps almost look like they aren't even the same place. Take the question "there should be a tax on carbon" for example:

and "how much should the government spend on the army"?

but the maps aren't always like that. Sometimes there is an interesting correlation between Quebec and Alberta, especially when the question is about federal spending. This is the result for example of the question "the government should finance daycares instead of giving the money directly to parents".

So, what else there is interesting?


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