Ottawa students create scale model of the Solar System

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Here's an article that turned up in my email somehow a day or two ago on a group of Ottawa students that decided to create a scale model of the Solar System.

To begin with, you start with the sun. Here is a picture of the junior high (middle school) students carrying it for comparison. So where are the rest of the planets according to this scale? Right here:

Neptune and Pluto are way down in the south. After that you can zoom in a bit to get an idea of the scale a bit further inward, showing Ouranos (my preferred appellation for Uranus) just outside the city. Saturn is near the edge, and after that everything is quite close. Jupiter is just a few blocks down the street, Mars is just outside the park, the other inner Solar System objects are inside it.

Ceres is dissed as always and doesn't make the cut even though the other dwarf planet Pluto does. When 2015 comes around and Dawn arrives everybody will be sorry they ignored it for so long.


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