Iranian students in the US and the National Iranian-American Council happy today after student visa fix

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I got this in my email today, a welcome bit of news whereby Iranian students in the US now can get multiple-entry visas instead of the previous single entry. What that meant before was that if you were an Iranian student in the US and a family member died, it was either 1) miss the funeral or 2) go to the funeral and lose your student visa. I know better than most how much it sucks when you can't do X or Y because of a silly visa restriction - my first encounter with that was in Estonia in 1998 when Canadians were given a shorter visa than others over a silly visa spat at the time between the two countries, and that was just the beginning. Pretty much any other long-term expat will also have a tale or two of woe. And by the way, that's also pretty much the easiest way to get into a conversation with one of them. Don't ask how it was living in Country X, ask what the visa process was like. Then just sit back and enjoy the long story you're about to hear told.


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