Random links for 24 April 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

I'm currently in the midst of something cat related so no time to write anything of note today. In its place here are a few links.

A German article here about why we shouldn't be cynical about the idea of utopia.

Dawn is now just 1.5 million km from Vesta, a distance just four times that to the moon. Arrival still isn't until July as the approach is very slow. Compare this to a theoretical manned mission to a destination that far away, which would only take about a week and a half.

An article here in Bulgarian that I think is about how Bulgaria should become an agricultural superpower of a sort, with its 111,000 square kilometres and just 7 million people.

The Chinese city of Qingdao (I was there for about three weeks) is having its first German language week (Woche der deutschen Sprache). Qingdao was German territory for a short while and the beer brewed there was also inherited from Germans, I believe. You can also see quite a bit of German-inspired architecture there too. Here's an example of a former colonial building that has been retained.

...and that's it for today.


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