Portugal shows improvement in school dropout rate, science and mathematics

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Not all the news out of Portugal is bad:

A European Commission report concludes that Portugal was one of two EU countries that showed the most progress against the school dropout rate, and for higher education. According to Isabel Alçada at the conference given regarding this: "Over the past six years, Portugal has improved the dropout rate by 11 percentage points; never have we seen such a rapid improvement as this. It means that in Portugal there are 90,000 more youth that have completed secondary education or are on the road to doing so." There was also an improvement of 10% of those from ages 20 to 24 that had completed high school.

As for science: the Secretary of State for Science Manuel Heitor said that Portugal surpasses the European average in mathematics, science and education in higher education. "In 2009, 15 youths between 20 and 29 out of every 1000 graduated in mathematics, science and technology. In 2005 this number was just 10 per 1000 inhabitants." The European average is 12.


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