More oil for Norway (Italy benefits a bit too)

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Here's an article from Welt today that is certainly already available in other languages, but we'll condense the information from this one:

It's the most important oil find in Norway for ten years. The Norwegian energy company Statoil has made a "remarkable" oil discovery in the northern Barents Sea, 200 km north of the coast. The overall potential of the so-called "Skrugard Prospect" is 500 million barrels, and they want to start work on the field "as soon as possible".

Statoil has 50% of the field, the Italian energy company Eni has 30%, and the remaining 20% is owned by the Norwegian state company Petoro. Statoil is confident that they will be able to find reserves similar to this in the future as well.

It seems to be located somewhere around here.

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