Which is easier for Koreans and Japanese to learn, English or Spanish?

Monday, March 21, 2011

That's the question I pose in this video I just made now. I made it in Korean and it will have Japanese subtitles, but I won't be able to add them until tomorrow. The video is basically asking Koreans and Japanese people that have studied Spanish to let me know how it was and whether they consider the language to be easier to learn than English (probably because of the easy spelling, stress and only five vowels) or whether they still find English to be easier due to some other reason - familiarity, grammar, verbs, lack of grammatical gender, that sort of thing. In the video I ask those who have studied it and have an opinion to write it in the comments below or to give the url of a blog of theirs detailing the experience, or even a video of their own. I'll write another post on the subject later on if the video gets noticed and we see any interesting responses.


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