Number of students from Spain opting to study in Germany has doubled over the past two years

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

From an article here in Spanish. Note that the numbers in the article come from a single source (a language school that has seen numbers of students in Germany grow) but given the accolades Germany has received for riding out the last economic crisis an increase of students wanting to study in Germany makes sense.

The number of Spanish students that opt to study in Germany is growing year by year. EF Education First has noticed a very significant increase in the tendency of its students to study in Germany.

German has always had a certain relevance as a second language in Spain, but after recent events in the world economy more and more people from Spain are deciding to study the language. EF Education First has seen the number of students taking immersion courses in Germany has doubled over the past two years, and this number continues to grow.

The recent visit of Chancellor Angela Merkel to Spain on the 3rd of February has also increased interest for Spaniards to travel to Germany.


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