Wasting Google's time

Friday, January 14, 2011

The good thing about Google is that in spite of its daily search for perfection -- the ability to access anything from the total sum of human knowledge in a mere second or two -- it still doesn't mind being ordered to carry out the most menial and meaningless tasks. When uploading this video in German I put Google's massive computational power to work by ordering it to produce a transcript for the video. Since it can only create transcripts in English at the moment, that means the result you get is something akin to what you hear at the end of a round of the telephone game with a few dozen English L2 speakers. It goes like this:

- German original
- English translation
- What the German sounds like to Google

First one seems to be a director discussing an upcoming shoot. Jenna on Nova may be a good option.

Verbing nouns is fun:

The envy of the world indeed.



? again.

Extra up, up for emphasis here results in a particularly powerful phrasing.

Yeah man, who sure about that.

This one is actually somewhat profound:

How come...

not sure whether it's thank God about the blanket or about the rambling part that follows:

This one's suspicious. I wouldn't go in.



Finally, a clear and unambiguous statement. He cannot be King, case closed. No discussion.

but then he backpedals!

And now is trying to change the subject.

Google begins to show signs of frustration

They were under the impression they didn't have permission to eat, it would seem.


And Google finishes off with a bit of ad-libbed rhyming.

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