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Monday, January 10, 2011

Actually from about two weeks ago. Iran and Turkey never seem to have competent interpreters at their joint conferences in spite of their geographic proximity and all the Azeri speakers (10 - 18 million or so) in the northwest. I remember reading when this first made the news (couldn't find a video that day and forgot about it until now) that this wasn't the first time.

What she asks him at around 1:20 is this:

Türkiye'nin Iran'ın nükleer çalışmalarındaki müzakerelerde verdiği destek eksen kayması olarak değerlendirilidi. Siz bu iddialara katılıyor musunuz? Neler diliyorsunuz? Türkiye'nin son zamanlardaki dış politikasıyla ilgili, teşekkürler.
Translation: Getting Turkey's support through negotiations for Iran's nuclear efforts is being seen as an axis shift (sea change, etc.). Do you agree with that? What would you like (this part is a bit hard to hear but I think she said diliyorsunuz) in regards to Turkey's recent foreign policy, thank you.

No translation. She is asked to repeat the question and says:
Türkiye'nin nükleer çalışmalarınızdaki müzakerelerde verdiği destek, Batı'da Türkiye'nin eksen kayması yaşadığı önünde yorumlandı. Sizin yorumunuz ne olacak, bu konuyla ilgili. Teşekkürler.
The support from Turkey for your nuclear efforts through negotiations is being seen as an axis shift in the West. What is your opinion on this, thank you.

Uh....no interpretation. Ahmadinejad (who knows some Turkish) asks her to tekrar yavaş yavaş (again, slowly). She tries again:

Eh...Türkiye'nin Iran'a verdiği destek nükleer çalışmalarındaki müzakerelerde...

Eh...Turkey's support to Iran in its nuclear efforts, in the negotiations...

Ahmadinejad: Mütercim yorulmuş. (The translator's tired.)

And finally we have a translation.

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