TEDxSP is perfect for learning Portuguese

Monday, December 06, 2010

One of the best pages out there to bookmark or remember if learning Brazilian Portuguese is this one, a TED conference done in São Paulo last year, and uploaded two months ago. There are 25 videos on the account, and they are the same as other TED speeches except for two things:

1 - They are in Portuguese
2 - The subtitles are provided through YouTube's captioning service instead of TED's own

The subtitles are available in both Portuguese and English, so you can choose the former to read and follow along, or the latter to be sure you understand what is being said. But actually you can also do both: go to the page for the video itself, choose Portuguese as the subtitles and then open up the English version of the transcript just below and follow both.

Here's an example of one of the videos.

It looks like not all of them have been subtitled though. This one is particularly funny as it's about TED's Open Translation Project...but has not been subtitled. I do like the end of the video though, where he mentions which languages have the most translations. #1 is Spanish, no surprise there, so what's the second largest? BULGARIAN! Nice, Bulgarian gets a shout out for their effort on somewhere besides Page F30. Bulgarian is actually not in second place anymore, but the top languages are all somewhere in the 700s and seem to be content with where they are at the moment. I think there are a bit more than a thousand videos but some of them may be a bit long, uninteresting, dated, or a bit of each.

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