Images and video of the asteroid 2010 TD54 flyby

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tiny asteroid 2010 TD54 (diameter 10 metres or so) flew by yesterday at a distance of just 46,000 km, and the short distance meant that even an asteroid as tiny as that one was able to be observed.

First an image here, where it appears as a hazy few pixels with a kind of aura.

We also have at least two videos of the flyby, and here they are:

Plus an article on

In the last post I mentioned that the next interesting asteroid flyby will be quite soon, with an asteroid called 2010 TG19. It will be 11 times more distant, but still just barely farther away than the Moon, and the asteroid itself is about 70 metres in diameter and will fly by at a slower speed of 10.7 km/s instead of 17.5 km/s. We'll see around the 20th whether this next asteroid is going to make news too, and if so we'll probably see a video or two of it as well.

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