China's new high-speed rail line from Shanghai to Hangzhou (200 km) goes into operation

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

There are a lot of videos on YouTube right now that are fun to watch as China's newest high-speed rail line between Shanghai and Hangzhou at a distance of 200 km cuts travel time between the two cities from 80 minutes to 45 minutes.

This video has a map at the end showing the stations on the way.

But this one is more interesting and has an excited journalist on the inside showing the speed, what it looks like as the world flies by in the window next to the train, some high-class business compartments and lack of vibration even at 350 kph.

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger is in Asia on a business trip which includes among other things a focus on high-speed rail over here (for me here = Asia) and how the most populous areas in the US need it too. It seems that Jerry Brown (right now given an 89.9% chance to win the governorshipis also a strong supporter of high-speed rail too.

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