Yes Moon Zoo, we shall redouble our efforts.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I just received an email from Moon Zoo informing me and other users of a short campaign of theirs to classify some 20,000 images by September 19th, which is the first International Observe the Moon Night. According to the email the Moon Zoo project has already classified more than 62,000 km2 of lunar terrain, and are hoping to add an extra 700 km2 to that, which is the size of the Dead Sea or twice the size of metropolitan Chicago.

The progress can be seen here, and over 15,000 images are already done. Maybe they should have gone for a more ambitious target. So I think I'll spend the next few hours helping out and hopefully we can blow this target out of the water and maybe prompt them to quickly go for another one, maybe 50,000 images or so.

Edit: Well, that was quick. Just some two hours after this post the Moon Zoo team reached 20,000 images. I also came across three new favourites (all of the ones I've marked so far can be seen here), which look like this:

Also, here's a map of the Dead Sea to show the area that the team has successfully classified this morning.

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So how does that compare to the total size of the Moon?

Moon --> 37 930 000 km2
Dead Sea --> 810 km2

So all that was about 0.002%, or 1 / 46000. Classifying that number of images per day means the entire Moon could be classified in 126 years. Yeah, it's pretty big.

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