Spanish senate acts to lower prices for internet access

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Here's an article in Spanish that pertains to the presence of Spanish on the internet. According to the article, the Senate in Spain unanimously approved today a motion to increase competition among ISPs by reducing tarrifs for fixed and mobile broadband. Senator José María Chiquillo who presented the motion said that internet congestion is no excuse in a country where internet access is the most expensive in Europe and the quality of service is worse. The article also has an online poll, where 98.68% of the 151 total voters say that ADSL rates are not affordable.

The stats for internet access for EU countries can be seen here, and in a graph they look like this:

So Spain is a slight underperformer at 62.6% vs. the EU average of 67.6%, and just getting to the EU average would add an extra 3.6 million users. Having not paid much attention to these stats I must admit that Italy is a bit of a surprise at just 51.7%, as most of the other major economies and long-time EU members have already reached a point near full saturation.

Yep, it's Iceland (97.6%) and Norway (94.8%).

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