Newspapers booming in India thanks to rising literacy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here's an article on the booming of the newspaper industry in India, a pretty different picture from that seen in other parts of the world where newspapers are struggling overall. The reason for the boom is quite simple:

Each increase of just one percent equals 11 million extra people, a phenomenal number. It would also be interesting to see this graph represented as a total number of literate people as not only the literacy rate but also the population itself continues to increase. I won't draw up a full graph but here are a few numbers:

1951 - literacy 19%, population about 400 million = 80 million or so literate
1971 - literacy 35%, population 570 million = 200 million literate
1991 - literacy 52%, population 870 million = 450 million literate
2001 - literacy 65%, population 1.05 billion = 680 million literate

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